Welcome to ownage4u.nl

Where zen equals high impedance


	    Change all the configurations!!

Welcome Back

	    After years of absense we haz returned! Hold your horses and enjoy the party! \o/

Doors And Entrypoints

	    While is was learning about ELF and how to find entrypoints, I thought by myself... heey let's make a usefull script for that. Excuse me for my bash.


	    While I was at #HITB2011AMS I noticed StalkR had some (for me) weird looking gdb version. Later when we get to talk to eachother he told me it was a well know .gdbinit script called .gdbinit73. I liked how it works and what it looked liked so I decided to make some changes to make it a little more userfriendly. ;) Check out my .gdbinit74! .gdbinit74 I still have some more modifications to make and thinkout some stuff because it doesn't work how I want it to but see it as a sneek preview!


	    I just watched this week in startups futuring BitCoin, very impressive :) if you want to see the show aswell please do watch it on This Week In Startups - BitCoin Discussion

	    And for the generous people 15rL986m6zJCiKPutMk3Vj7UBmiBPs623a. Yeah that is my walled!


	    Love data
	    Data is essential
	    Data must flow
	    Data must be used
	    Data is neither good nor bad
	    There is no illegal data
	    Data is free
	    Data can not be owned
	    No man, machine or system shall interrupt the flow of data
	    Locking data is a crime against datanity
	    Love data
	    Found this on the interweb and thought it was awesome! For more info look at: http://datalove.me/

Theme Finished

	  Wh00t, the theme / style is finished, now it is time to code some awesome backend to manage all this shit! ^.^
	  Further more will the sources of the site be available on https://git.ownage4u.nl/p/ownage4u/ shortly.


	  Welcome to ownage4u.nl

	  I think it was time to start my own blog and other fun stuff.

	  First a few heads up:
	  - This site will only contain legit HTML5 and (semi valid) CSS3
	  - There for this site is best viewed in Chromium Browser
	  - This site is not compatible with IE (as far as I know... I'll never test it)
	  - So my first lesson is to you is: Use a decent browser ;)
	  - Why do I only support valid W3C and nothing more and nothing less?
	  - Microsoft should learn to use standarization and not comeup with crap like silverlight which only runs decent on windows.
	  - So should any other browser...
	  - I'm lazy and only want to test it in one browser and a validator...


This site did not excist